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Quite simply the tether provides power to the UAV allowing development of persistent aerial solutions.

  • One of the few UK manufacturers to have UAVs tested by 700X (TAA)
  • Only company in the UK to offer same controller and same ground-control system for entire UAVtek fleet  
  • Utilise open architecture principles & Defence Standards to integrate with wider Defence capabilities.
  • Integrated with TAK
  • Integrated with multiple radio bearers
  • Custom build experts – from concept to prototype fast. 
  • Able to offer many features competitors cannot.
  • Only nano drone in the world to fly for 38 mins
  • Only manufacture worldwide offering tether system to comply with UK HSE of 110v or less.
  • Largest, most portable, and easiest to break-down 3m fixed-wing
  • Off-the-shelf airframe and components where possible, reducing repair time & cost.
  • Offers multiple modular payloads – payload capability fully customizable.
  • Only UAVs with full HD live streaming
  • Multicast equipped fleet (broadcast footage and data to multiple command & control points simultaneously) 



Quite simply the tether provides power to the UAV allowing development of persistent aerial solutions. The system developed by UAVTEK is unlike any other system before. The voltages used in other commercially available systems exceeds normal safety standards with the voltage they output. Some systems are as high as 1000VDC. With the use of cutting edge technology and the engineering excellent UAVTEK adopt we have provided a system that is under the UK and EU regulations of tools and equipment in an external environment.

This isn’t the only feature, many other systems use old technology relays to switch from main tether power to emergency battery. This has a number of issues such as the relay will wear and the delay from switching is enough to shut off the autopilot mid flight. UAVTEK developed a sophisticated system that works in harmony with the battery. This allows the battery to work with the tether and the tether to charge and augment power in those emergency scenarios. This enables us to use a very light and small battery keeping the additional payload high.


All our components are CE rated and the power up the cable to the drone is 75v DC meaning it is classified as Extra Low Voltage by European regulations.

When comparing tether systems, always ask the cable voltage to ensure your personnel are not being exposed to dangerous voltages.

This is a dynamic power system, adapting to the power requirements of the drone, making it economic when running on a generator.

Total output 2.2kW continuous (2.8kW peak) at the drone.

Very simple and easy to use, user friendly ground control software ideally suited to mobile phone control and single man operations.

One of the most compact systems available – drone and tether easily fits in a normal car.


UAVTEK are the first company that have fully integrated MPU5 military radios and the tactical surveillance 30x EO/IR payload at the same time to allow tethered drones to act as an all around defence systems for military applications, providing around the clock surveillance that can be delivered to and controlled from anywhere in the world.

This tethered system is ideally suited for creating temporary communication bubbles, providing mobile phone service, WiFi and data or military encrypted communication systems. This extends the range of operations and areas of safety. This can be used in environmental disasters where ground infrastructure is not available, or in a scenario where the situation is outside standard communication range.


This unique feature gives the system the ability to be locally deployed, but remotely controlled, meaning the system can be operated remotely whilst the personnel on the ground continue their operations. This provides the situational awareness to the HQ area without risking life in the area of operations. This is the only fully available system of its type offered as Standard.  All our systems are capable of operating in this way. We realised that the power of this type of system is limited to local video, this is why we developed the ability to connect to a WAN or long range communication system as standard.


UAVTEK can integrate virtually any payload quickly and easily using IP based technology. Integration is usually included in the cost, unless it is completely proprietary where we will provide a very competitive quote. UAVTEK are so confident in our engineering that should we fail to integrate any payload, there will be no charge.


UAVTEK offers a service to integrate our tether into the customers custom drones.




Operating Altitude 5 metres to 70 metres
Wind Continuous Gust 30mph /45mph
Power Options Mains electricity, 3kW generator, 3kW Inverter UK plug supplied as standard, other country electrical plugs available on request
Data Options WiFi, MPU5, 4G, Data down the cable Standard RFDrone is fully controlled by the chosen option, no other RF emissions (i.e MPU5 fully secure)
Payload Examples 30x zoom EO/IR camera
MPU5 Wave relay system
4G Modules
Bright LED floodlights
Loud speakers
Detection systems

Fits into 2 Peli cases 56 x 43 x 32cm

Easy to transport in normal cars


The only Extra Low Voltage system

Cable 75v, safe for wet conditions

All components CE marked



  • A tether system for surveillance, reconnaissance & high-bandwidth communications.
  • Vanth’s tether provides power to the UAV, allowing for persistent surveillance.
  • Only manufacture worldwide offering tether system to comply with UK HSE of 110v or less. 
  • Safe and light.
  • Small battery maximizes payload capacity.
  • One of the most compact systems available – fits in a normal car.




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